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Best film stocks for your camera

A guide to film stocks - What film is the best for me?

Starting your adventure in analog photography is like taking a trip down memory lane with a splash of artistry. Picking the right film feels like choosing the perfect ingredient for your recipe, making it a big deal. Each type of film brings its own special touch, adding its own flavor to the overall look of your photos. No matter if you’re into 35mm or the big leagues of 120 film, this guide is here to chat about a bunch of cool film stocks and help you figure out this whole analog photography thing.

35mm Film
Fujifilm Superia 200

Renowned for its natural colors, Superia 200 is a versatile 35mm film suitable for everyday shooting. With moderate ISO and a balanced contrast, it captures moments with vibrancy and fine grain.

Kodak Gold 200

A classic choice, Kodak Gold 200 offers warm tones and reliable performance. This 35mm film is well-suited for capturing the essence of everyday life with its pleasing color palette and balanced contrast.

Kodak Porta 400

Celebrated for its exceptional color accuracy, Portra 400 is a versatile 35mm film ideal for portraits and various lighting conditions. With a higher ISO, it excels in low-light situations while maintaining fine grain.

Ilford HP5 Plus

For black and white enthusiasts, HP5 Plus is a versatile 35mm film with a wide exposure latitude. Its classic monochromatic tones make it suitable for diverse subjects and lighting conditions.

Agfa Vista 200

Known for its affordability and vibrant colors, Agfa Vista 200 is a budget-friendly option for 35mm film photographers. It delivers a nostalgic and slightly saturated look.

120 Film
Kodak Ektar 100

Ektar 100 stands out with its vibrant and saturated colors, making it ideal for landscape and nature photography on medium format cameras. It offers high resolution and stunning detail.

Ilford Delta 100

low-ISO black and white film, Delta 100 for 120 format provides fine grain and high sharpness. It’s suitable for capturing intricate details in landscapes and architectural photography.

Lomography Color Negative 800

 *Lomography Color Negative 800:* For those who enjoy experimenting with higher ISOs, Lomography Color Negative 800 for medium format introduces a touch of unpredictability and character to your images.


As you venture into the art of analog photography, the choice of film becomes a deeply personal decision. Whether you gravitate towards the vibrant hues of Fujifilm, the timeless warmth of Kodak, the classic tones of Ilford, or the experimental nature of Lomography, each film type adds a layer of character to your images. Consider your artistic vision, the subject matter, and the aesthetic qualities you desire when choosing between 35mm, 120, or large format films. Let the unique characteristics of analog films transport you to a world where each frame is a carefully crafted piece of art, capturing moments with a timeless allure.

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