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Agfachrome 40 – Super 8 film


Agfachrome 40 is an amazing Super 8 film released by Agfa in 1974. It has a film speed of 40 ASA and is 15 meters long.

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I’m not sure how to process this film, it needs to probably be done in black & white. Please contact a film lab for more information.

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Working with expired film

Working with expired film

Packages may look different than shown because the designs change through the years. Also, some may have a little bit of age to them as well. If you want a new-looking film you should buy a new film and not expired right?

We don’t give any guaranties on expired film.

Some film might be stored in a fridge and some might not, so shooting expired film is always a chance of luck. The general rule of thumb is to shoot one-stop lower for every ten years of the film being expired. So for example you are using a 400 ASA film from 2013, you would shoot it one-stop lower, which is 200 ASA. This method works better with high ASA film such as 1600, 800 or 400 ASA, because lower ASA film loses its sensitivity at a much slower pace.

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