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Kodak Gold 200 – 35mm film

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Kodak Gold 200 is the perfect 35mm film for beginner photographers looking to capture vibrant and detailed images. This film is easy to use, works well in daylight, and brings out the best in your photos with its rich colors and natural skin tones. Plus, it’s affordable, making it an excellent deal for anyone starting their photography journey.

This film fits into any 35mm film camera. If you are unsure which film fits into your camera, please send us a message, and we will help you out 🙂

Please note: Expired film will give interesting results including: more grain, less contrast and light sensitivity and even color changes (see third sample photo).

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Working with expired film

Working with expired film

Packages may look different than shown because the designs change through the years. Also, some may have a little bit of age to them as well. Some don’t have packaging anymore unfortunately.

We don’t give any guaranties on expired film.

Some film might be stored in a fridge and some might not, so shooting expired film is always a chance of luck. To learn how to shoot expired film please read this article.

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