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Kodak High Speed Infrared HIE

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Kodak Kodak High Speed Infrared (HIE) is recognized by pretty much every film photographer as the greatest black and white infrared film ever. The film is sensitive to the visible light spectrum, infrared light and some ultraviolet light as well. The prominent blooming or “glow” often seen in the highlights of infrared photographs is an artifact of HIE and not of infrared light itself. This is because conventional photographic films have an anti-halation layer that absorbs scattered light, while HIE lacks this backing.

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Working with expired film

Working with expired film

Expired film will give interesting results including: more grain, less contrast, less light sensitivity and even color changes.

Some film might be stored in a fridge and some might not, so shooting expired film is always a chance of luck. That is also the reason we don’t give any guaranties on expired film. Because expired film loses light sensitivity, pictures will always come out darker. To prevent that you will need to overexposure your image a bit. To fully understand shooting with expired film we recommend this guide.

Not all films come with their complete original packaging, as they have been lost or deteriorated. All films do come with a plastic canister to keep them safe and waterproof.

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