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SD card


SD cards are used by most digital cameras to store the photos and videos you captured. The more storage they have the more photos you can capture.

How much storage will I need for my camera?

Every megapixel your camera has is about 1MB (megabyte) extra per photo. So a 12 megapixel camera will take photos which are about 12MB (megabyte). And a 4 megapixel camera will take photos which are about 4MB per photo. So if you for example want 150 photos per SD card on your 12 megapixel camera you will need 12MB x 150 photos = 1800MB = 1.8GB (1000MB (megabytes) is 1GB (gigabyte)). Which means you need a 2GB SD card.

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Extra information / Disclaimer

Extra information / Disclaimer

The designs of the SD cards will be different from the pictures displayed above. All SD cards will be wiped and ready to be used. If you need a way to transfer your images from the SD card to your computer / laptop please take a look at this product.

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